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  • SFI-Defence Forces Funding Announcement and I am recruiting Postdoc and Research Assistants

    It has been announced today that Dr David Culliton and I have been shortlisted for the SFI-Defence Organisation Innovation Challenge. This funding allows us to seek researchers to fill research vacancies at IT Carlow in Carlow, Ireland in the multidisciplinary areas of measurement, sensors, data science, applied materials and machine learning. The research is in…

  • Postgraduate Researcher Required

    I am looking for a potential Postgraduate Researcher interested in machine learning, digital twins, and energy efficiency for a President’s Research Fellowship Scholarship position based at the Institute of Technology Carlow, Carlow, Ireland. Project Abstract: https://www.itcarlow.ie/public/userfiles/files/13-Calibration-Digital-Twins-Buildings-using-Machine-Learning-v2.pdf Funding Details: https://www.itcarlow.ie/research/post-graduate-studies/graduate-opportunities/presidents-research-fellowship-scholarship.htm Please send you applications or contact me for more details at my email: james.garland@itcarlow.ie